How it Works

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) via Live Telephone

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) provides a toll-free number (0800) that is unique to each contracting organization. Calls are always answered by an ombudsperson with an education in psychology, specially trained to obtain as much information as possible regarding the reported denunciation or suggestion without putting the anonymity and safety of the source at risk, making it possible for the contracting organization to identify the problem being pointed out. The telephone number from which the call originates will not be identified under any circumstances.

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) via Recorded Telephone

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) makes it possible for employees, workers and partners who do not feel comfortable speaking on the telephone with one of the ombudspeople to anonymously record their suggestion or denunciation. As they make their call, the employee, worker or partner will hear a recording that advises them on the main points they should include. The calls are always free from anywhere in the country and under no circumstances will they be identified.

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) via Internet

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) makes a page on the Internet available to employees, workers and partners so they can electronically record their denunciation or suggest an online, maintaining their anonymity and safety. The record is made using a form that has been specially developed to obtain as much information as possible. The IP address of the user?s computer will not be identified under any circumstances.

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