Denouncement Channel

The Eurofarma Denouncement Channel is an initiative to maintain a healthy working environment in which all employees and business partners practice ethical principles, reinforce our values and promote a culture of ethics.

In a transparent and secure way, the Denouncement Channel establishes a channel of direct communication, aligning behaviors and discouraging practices contrary to our Ethics and Conducts Code, applicable norms and laws.

See what can be reported on this channel

In this channel you may make complaints about behavior or suspect attitudes that are not in accordance with the Ethics and Conducts Code of Eurofarma or are contrary to the expected conduct of our employees, suppliers and partners.

Aplicable topics:

  • Any and all wrongdoings, frauds, corruption and violation of laws.
  • Sexual harassment, moral and physical aggression.
  • Discriminatory acts and inappropriate conduct.
  • Conflict of interests, favors, thefts, thefts and diversions of goods.
  • Leakage of personal data, privacy violation, breach of confidentiality.

Be aware!

Occurrences to report criticism, suggestions, improvements and doubts are not met in this channel.

Eurofarma provides specific communication channels to answer questions from employees and clients.

Check them here!