About the Contato Seguro

Eurofarma has entered into a partnership with Contato Seguro, a third party and totally exempt company, to implement this channel of communication through which it is possible to make reports and denunciations regarding behavior or suspicion of attitudes that do not comply with the Ethics and Conduct Code, or are contrary to the expected conduct of our employees, suppliers and partners.

A specialized team of Contato Seguro is responsible for receiving the links, reports via this website, application and emails. After receiving and registering the case, the company conducts an initial analysis to direct the reports to a specific committee of Eurofarma, responsible for analyzing, verifying and adopting the necessary measures.

By using the Denouncement Channel, the complainant may choose not to identify himself. Thus, all who do some reporting will receive a protocol number with which they can return to this website or contact via telephone to obtain information on the evolution status of their treatment.

Contato Seguro operates in more than 30 countries, assisting hundreds of clients in the implementation and management of complaints channels, contributing to the process of transparency and maintenance of the ethical principles of its clients.

Have more about the company, check: www.contatoseguro.com.br