The Organization

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) understands that an organization's success is directly tied to the culture of the individuals that belong to it (how they think and act), as well as the development of the society surrounding it. The interdependence of these factors is a striking characteristic of the modern world.

Insofar as awareness of this interdependence grows, so do the demands of stakeholders regarding the adoption of standards of ethics, honesty and transparency. In light of this, correct conduct of organizations, and consequentially, their employees and workers, begins to play a commanding role in the achievement of unquestionable results.

In this context, it becomes necessary and indispensable to adopt best management practices, contemplating the interest and aspirations of all stakeholders, in other words, consumers, shareholders, investors, employees, workers, partners, suppliers, governments, civil society agencies, in short all of society that has a direct or indirect relationship with the organization.

One should not ignore the fact that on a daily basis numerous situations potentially harmful to organizations occur. The threats are renewed constantly. To a greater or lesser degree, all organizations suffer or have suffered from fraud or the adoption of poor practices.

The problems resulting from these facts are not merely financial losses - they also affect the workplace, as well as the credibility and trustworthiness of all those involved with the organization, especially shareholders and investors. Lack of compliance even affects the image of the organization in its market and the community.

Unfortunately, the great majority of these situations directly or indirectly depend on the participation and involvement of employees and other workers of the organization being harmed.

At the same time, it is also other employees and workers who are the first to suspect this behavior, so highly damaging to organizations. As a matter of fact, the majority of employees and workers do not agree with the incorrect, illegal and anti-ethical postures of their colleagues and would be willing to denounce them, if only they had a safe way to do it. It so happens that, frequently, since they do not have access to these means, or are not completely certain of the fraud or poor practice, or because they fear retaliation, these honest people prefer to remain silent.

As a result of this, Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) offers its clients a powerful and effective instrument to combat fraud and poor practices by creating a direct channel of communication between employees and managers of an organization.

This system makes a safe and anonymous tool available to employees and workers so they can report the occurrence of facts, fraudulent or not, that are potentially harmful to organizations and stakeholders.

In this way, it becomes possible to correct problems that may be occurring in real-time, limiting the effects of these violations and simultaneously preventing and discouraging similar conduct in the future.

Contato Seguro (Safe Contact) also offers contracting organizations a channel of communication that allows employees and workers to formulate suggestions for improvements to processes of governance, risk management and compliance.