Advantages of Professionalization

Outsourcing the anonymous information recording service by hiring Contato Seguro demonstrates that the organization is truly concerned with establishing an environment that promotes and encourages honesty and ethical behavior on the part of all employees and workers at all hierarchical levels.

The results obtained by external ombuds offices are incomparably better than those obtained by internal ombuds offices consisting of employees from the organization itself. There are many reasons for this greater efficiency:

  • External ombudspeople are specially trained to do their work, being prepared to ask the right questions that are pertinent to the speaker.
  • The ombudspeople at Contato Seguro have formal educations in psychology from the most renowned Brazilian colleges and universities.
  • Contato Seguro is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via Internet and a toll-free 0-800 telephone number that is unique to each contracting organization.
  • Employees and workers know they will not be identified and therefore will not suffer any sort of retaliation.
  • There is no risk of co-optation of the ombudspeople on the part of the fraudster(s) as can happen internally at times
  • External ombudspeople are not emotionally, historically or personally involved with employees, workers or partners of the contracting organization ? in other words they are impartial.
  • The external ombuds office is not located where employees, workers and partners provide their services, which gives them a feeling of additional safety.
  • Employees, workers and partners can feel safe that their denunciations will not be intercepted or aborted, especially by employees of the organization that may be benefiting from the fraud or poor practice being denounced.
  • Calls to a telephone number supplied by an internal ombuds office do not give employees, workers and partners the same confidence they need as one that will not track the caller?s telephone number. In other words, with an internal line anonymity and confidentiality are placed in question which inhibits calls.
  • No costs or labor legal processes are involved.